Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's been over a month people...

So I noticed it's been awhile since anyone has posted...and since I'm in a hotel room in Louisville watching "wildest wedding show moments" I thought I'd offer up a new post. This post is actually more of a roll call of sorts. I have been thinking holidays and was wondering who was gonna be around for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We will be around for both!


Blogger j€blogger said...

Wouldn't miss a CC Yankee Swap, but we'll be spending Thanksgiving counting down the 24 hours 'til Black Friday arrives as do R's crazy hours at work. Merry Materialism, folks!

6:16 PM

Blogger Call It Courage said...

No T-Giving for us, but we will be back to the Ohio in time for Grandma's buckeyes and the best Yankee Swap ever!

10:19 PM

Blogger CC4Ever said...

Stan and I will be attending both.

1:23 AM


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