Monday, December 03, 2007

hillman christmas exchange

Here is the Christmas exchange info for Grandma's this year! Thanks to Saracoota this year it's Cousins exchanging with Cousins!
Which also makes it less confusing for grandma. Please let everyone know the info is here if your aware they haven't checked the blog recently. The price is 15.00$.

Gift-Giver Giftee
Liz Danielle
Doug Jesse
Rachel Van Danae
Jesse Billy
Andrew Jamie
Danielle Andrew
Billy Doug
Nara Sara
Hamdi Nara
Sara Liz
Jamie Hamdi
Danae Rachel Van


Blogger SanFranFresca said...

I don't know where the spaces went...but the first name is the giftgiver the name beside it is the giftee.

9:52 PM

Blogger Queen Sarapatra said...

Liz and Nara--send us some ideas! There is a possibility that we might not make it for Christmas--waiting to see what the folks and others are doing, but if we are not there, we'll ship it. As of right now, I think we will be there.

1:20 PM

Blogger Queen Sarapatra said...

btw, I took off my previous post after discovering that "Ceiling cat" has an inappropriate a google search and you'll get what I'm talking about.

1:23 PM


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