Friday, February 08, 2008

A tribute to some of the oldest members of our clan

The oldest cousin of the Hillman clan turned 35 this week! Happy Birthday Nato!

But, that also means that the parents of the oldest cousin are getting even older. They will celebrate 40 YEARS of marriage next week! And one of them turned the big 6-0 last October, and the other will turn the big 6-0 in March.

As a cousin council tribute to these dear old folks, please post some of your favorite (by favorite, I mean funny of course...okay, you can add some sentimental ones too) memories/stories/pictures of Uncle Pike and Aunt 0 throughout the years!! If you don't have a blog account but want to contribute, e-mail me and I will post it for you.


Blogger SanFranFresca said...

This may require a trip to grandma's to dig in the archives...but alas it's worth it.

10:06 AM

Blogger rachel said...

Nate + toga = A Thanksgiving that will never be forgotten

5:06 PM

Blogger Call It Courage said...

Uncle Mike: Discover of our proud heritage and host of many Meluncheons for many years (long before they were called Meluncheons). I remember riding to Ohio with you and Sarah in the old red pick-up truck listening intently to the radio during OJ's White Bronco Chase.

Aunt O: Maker of delicious sesame seed cookies, baklava, and other fine treats, executive chef of most Meluncheons. Thanks for all the rides to piano lessons and for treating us to the Dairy Ranch afterwards.

Cousin Nate: Family naturalist, Reciter of Norse poetry during family events, founder and sole participant of the first Hillman toga party. I will never forget your willingness to take three teenagers through Cambridge and introduce us to your brandy-drinking grad school colleagues. Do you still leave orange peels around your house?

2:30 PM

Blogger dmandman said...

Check Forwhatit'sworthless for a classic couple photo.

5:00 PM

Blogger Queen Sarapatra said...

Dennis has posted a few pictures on his blog in case you didn't see them!

9:28 PM

Blogger Queen Sarapatra said...

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9:29 PM

Blogger CC4Ever said...

When I sat to think about memories of those two lovebirds two distinctly and yet fuzzy moments come to mind.
1. Aunt Olivia playing piano..I just have this vision of her in that room playing piano. And baklava..always special and different treats came from Aunt O.
2. Uncle Mike sitting and peering in the big bay window while we were all scurrying around for his fourieth birthday party. I mean that was some party foul right there! But what a clever chap!

1:24 PM


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