Thursday, June 29, 2006


Happy Birthday Cousin Danara!
Happy Wedding Call it Courage and DougieB.!
Happy Mulungon hunting Jdollarblogger!
Happy getting your sea legs not living in a submarine for the weekend Anders!
Happy Friday off tomorrow Sanfranfresca and Billy bed-time!
Happy bridesmaidin, wine sampling Rachy rach!
Happy arabic speaking schwarma eatin Sarapatra!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Man to Melungeon, the myth and the legend

Front Row pictured left to right: Liz Doug, Jesse, Andrew
Back Row pictured left to right: Rachel, Alex, Ambrose, Danielle, Danara, Sara

J-Dollar Blogger,
I think it's okay that you are going and are interested in Melungeon geneolgy, HOWEVER should you grow a full beard, and/or start to laugh like Uncle D. or Pike, and/or become a pastor, we will be forced to intervene with a Cousin Council detox program.
Any combination of the above could be disastrous given that you have already started a career in publishing.
Be careful my dear cousin. As we will see in the years to come, just as tadpoles evolved into Monkeys, so Hillmans evolve into the infamous and mythical Melungeon.
Don't you ever wonder why all the Hillman men start to look the same, laugh the same, do their hair the same, ?
I'll say no more.

Monday, June 19, 2006

stay tuned...

During the last week of July, just five weeks from today, we will be embarking on a search for lost Melungeons in southeastern Kentucky and western Virginia. Our party for this expedition will include our captain, uncle Paul, a recognized Melungeon expert; Father Dennis, our spiritual advisor; and a married couple, Paul and Fern, who are also steeped in Melungeon lore. We’ll be looking for lost, overgrown burial grounds, known only by their coordinates, and other treasures like roadside diners, records that might further our understanding of Appalachia, and, of course, old family distilleries, also only known by secret coordinates. A comprehensive reenactment of Uncle Jack’s near escape from prison, complete with a mock shootout, is also being planned. So that others can enjoy our findings from the comfort of their homes, updates will appear on the CCM blog (assuming we can find an Internet signal).

Monday, June 12, 2006

our liz is getting married in less than 3 WEEKS

i thought it was appropriate to revisit liz's boyfriends of the past. please add some of your comments about liz's 'wild single life' before she settles down with dougieb. it'll be fun.

(ps--check out j$blogger's new post on his website)

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Things you take for granted owning a house

Hamdy and I closed on our house yesterday morning. Having lived in rented dorms, apartments, and townhouses for the past 8 years, it is an amazing feeling to have our own house. I can't believe that we can do "anything" we want and don't have to ask (or hide from...) a landlord!

I was so excited today when I realized that I could just put my outgoing mail in the mailbox and don't have to trek to a post office or the campus mailing center. Also, I've never had a washer/dryer. I've always had to go to a laundry mat or carry my heavy laundry down 3 flight of stairs to some dark stinky basement only to find that all the washers are full and carry it all back up again. Hurray for being able to wash dirty clothes whenever I want and not having to let a big pile of dirty clothes accumulate in a tiny closet!!

My favorite part of the new house is the backyard. We have lots of blackberry bushes and grapes and many other plants and flowers that I don't even know the names of! But, we also have a big lawn to mow--time to buy a well as thousands of dollars of other can't-live-without- Home Depot items!