Tuesday, May 22, 2007


This blog is getting just a little bit dull; therefore, I am giving everyone an assignment. We are going to have our first cousin council photo contest. Here are the rules: You are allowed to submit six pictures each (single or as a couple). The theme is "A Day in the Life of (insert your name)"
The point is to really try to capture an average day of your life within six frames.
All pictures must be posted within two weeks. We will all get to vote (including non-cousin council family members who blog--in fact, you may participate if you like) Pictures should be judged on originality, creativity, Melungeon humor, etc. The winner will receive something special (well, special in terms of dollar store things...) at the annual cousin council meeting at Christmas. Have fun!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Diana's...errr I mean Danara's NYU grad weekend 2k7

Dear CC members,

Because many of you are not able to attend the festivities of this weekend I will just highlight a few of the happennings thus far. It's been an exciting time. Danielle, Mom and Lizzie arrived last night. This morning we had manicures and ate at the diner. We relaxed in Brooklyn and then spent a few hours on a guided food tour of the west Village. Enough pizza, cheese, and canoli to fill you up!

Here are some quotable moments for CC quote files:

"Well it's a free country girls and I can chew as many pieces of gum as I want." - Diana Martin

"Hey! Hey! There's some weed on the stoop right there. Someone just left it out, you can smoke it! I know you love the weed! It's right there on the ground, see the bowl?!" - man passing by during our Village tour"

"Hey as*holes did you smoke some weed? Suck my d*ck" - same man passing by 5 minutes later

"Umm I think that man just picked up a piece of gum off the street and smelled it" - Village food tour guide

"So girls what's next? Coney Island?" - Diana Martin

Danara: "Look Mom I just go to my online bank account to check my balance, that's how I keep track of my spending"
Diana: "Well I have my reciepts!"

So yeah more to come! What's not to love?

Friday, May 04, 2007