Thursday, August 31, 2006

Quotes from the Street that can't be beat

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This week has just been chock full of good quotes from the street that can't be beat!

Monday at Quizno's, approached by a small Mexican child while ordering
Danara: "Uh yeah can I get a regular turkey on wheat"
7 year old Mexican girl:"Do you have babies?"
Danara: "No...No I don't. Do you have babies???"
7 year old Mexican girl:"I don't have babies! Why don't you babies??"
Danara: "Well I'm not married, that's why"
Then with the most astonishing, heart wrenching, horrifying gasped she says

Tuesday, corner of Broadway and W. 4th
Homeless guy: "Hey! You going to a party?"
Danara: Silence...
Homeless guy: "No! You're going to fucking IRAQ!"

Wednesday, F Train, Bergen St. Stop
Random guy talking to himself on the can hear him muttering google over and over. Then he says:
"Google just a tool used by Satan against the dark man."
No one responds and he starts to leave the train but in one last effort yells:

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

rollcall for sarapatra

Saracoota-If you would please indulge me with a list of all your animals with their names and state as to if they are indoor or outdoor residents. thanks

2 things that cannot be ingnored

1. Sara just told us that she bought bras at Big Lots
2. Uncle Dennis has a blog. (I know you are reading this D...go get a popscicle)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Why I love Big Lots

Hamdy and I recently discovered the store Big Lots. I used to think it was just another Walmart/Target type store so I never thought much about going there, but a few weeks ago we happened to check it out, and now I'm totally addicted to the store. For those of you who aren't familiar with Big Lots, it is like a huge dollar store except with name brand stuff that you actually want to buy (instead of NO WOODCUTTING signs or bears dressed in sailor gear holding automatic guns or dog leashes that break the first day you use them). Today I brought three quality playtex bras (normally priced around $25.00 each) for $3.00 each, as well as some real Oxo utensils ($4-5 each in Bed, Bath, and Beyond) for 79 cents each, my favorite Redken shampoo (which I hardly ever buy because it costs an arm and a leg) for $4.00, and a nice set of cotton sheets and pillowcases for $15.00. Hurray for closeout prices!

Monday, August 28, 2006 name is rachelvan and i'm an addict

I am addicted to:

mah johngg
popsicles (any)
The Raconteurs
The Office
reading memoirs
chicken supreme chalupas
modern folk music
Anne Lamott

Confession complete.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

So here's some news.

Just moments ago, I walked out of the movie theater, having just witnessed Snakes on a Plane.

Monday, August 21, 2006

CC Code Question

We are having a yard sale this weekend to clear all the 'stuff' out of our house. In the midst of this decluttering process, i came across some past CC christmas gifts. namely a NO WOODCUTTING sign and some cute, yet frightening, bears dressed in sailor gear holding automatic guns.

now, what's the protocol on this? do i have a time frame on CC 'momentos' that they must remain in my posession? we will be calling on these gifts of past in future meetings?

for the record, i do have the "boys rule my life" sign hanging in my car (thanks sarita). although this sign has caused J$ some embarrassment when he's driving--i've told him that "it was a gift from a CC member and i cannot remove it." so, as you can see, i'm having conflicting thoughts.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

What to do with a crazy neighbor

We now know why the people that lived in our house decided to move--we have a crazy neighbor. Yes, crazier than some of those Schurch cousins (you know who I mean) and crazier than our gun handling, copperhead eating, tick bitten Appalachian cousins. I'll refer to him as "Chuck." He's in his mid forties, balding, small pot belly, and talks in a very LOUD voice. He's a former druggy that found Jesus and now offers Christian counseling in his home.

The whole situation is just too long to write, but the gist of it is that we are currently having "World War III" (his words, not mine) over our property line with him. When we first moved in, he felt he had the liberty to walk over on our property any time he wanted, as well as let his dog run over into our land and poop on it. He also put decorate bricks and plants that went over into our property by several feet. We might have been okay with this if he was a rational person that we could talk to, but he's not. He was very upset that Hamdy trimmed some tree branches from a tree that straddles our property line, even though we had asked him before and he said it was okay. He's now claiming that Hamdy stole flowers from his backyard to plant in our yard. His actions have included a lot of swearing as well as a few racial remarks toward Hamdy being Arab. He's also tried to turn other neighbors against us (although they pretty much ignore him)

It has all been a bit stressful and Hamdy and I are actually forking out $550 to get an official stake survey done so that there is no question at all concerning where the exact property line is. I also took another neighbor with me to his house last night and talked to his wife and tried to make peace with her. That went well, so I'm hoping to sit down and try to talk to Chuck today. I just don't want to live in this kind of conflict with neighbors.

The really scary thing is that this guy after coming into our yard and swearing at us, goes back into his house and provides Christian counseling to his clients!!!!! He also works for the community mental health.

Anyway, do come to visit and you can meet Chuck. He's sure to offer some evening entertainment.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Diana Jr.

This just in:
Word on the street is that Danae and Jim are expecting yet another itty bitty.
While debate on what the sex and name of this new one might be I'm hedging my name bets on Diana Jr. (For a boy or a girl).