Friday, December 30, 2005

Movie Recommendation

Hamdy and I went to see "Munich" last night. I highly recommend it. It is really exciting and very powerful. The funny thing is that after the movie, Hamdy went inside the cinema restroom and some guys who had just seen the movie said to him,
"hey, you look like the guy in Munich. Are you Israeli?"
Hamdy just kind of laughed and said, "" and walked out.

Welcome to Egypt

Well cousins...As you know me and cousin Danara are in the great desert...and fortunatley the camels here are very friendly so it makes it much easier to be away from you all! Where to start...well we almost died and while you may think this is an exaggeration it is not! We we're on a flight from london to cairo sitting in the midst of a hoard of asian tourist and while over the adriatic sea we experienced the worst turbulence ever! The asians we're screaming and whimpering, Danara grabbed my hand and started to pray out loud, An arab flight attendant started yelling at everyone to take their seats, and I prayed quietly for about 2 hours straight...all in all Danara and I high fived when the fasten seat belt sign went off and now refer to ourselves as "prayer warriors" We're just callin it how it is folks! When we finally landed from the longest 4 hours of our lives we applauded and swore we would never get on another plane in our if you would like to see us make plans to visit the pharoh's hotel...just ask Mohammed when you arrive for us and he will direct you to our room. But on a more serious note I now understand Sarapatra and cousin Danara's love for the place. It is truly an amazing place and everyone should come...maybe we should plan our next CC meeting for Cairo. Oh yeah and the first morning we we're here we are sitting in the hotel eating breakfast and Danara looks up and starts yelling out a kid who just walked in the room. This is what I call Taylor syndrome...Danara can even be across the world and see someone she knows! Unbelivable! Mark is a guy Danara met here when they both were here for school. He is from Michigan but now working and living in Cairo. He was at the Pharoh's hotel(which is apparently the center of the universe) because the asst. director of the program they we're both in here (who is now a teacher at a college in Michigan) had brought a group of college students from Michigan on a tour of Egypt...and they all happened to be staying at the pharoh's hotel! So (thanks god for this) The teacher guy (Ethan) invited us to tag along on their touring...that means free transportation as well as free meals so far when we're with them! We spent yesterday with them and are planning to tag along on their trip to Mt. Sinai this weekend! Well there is much more to tell... but cousin Danara is now staring over my shoulder and has a hankering for some koushrie so being as she is now my sugar mamma I will comply. I'm out..

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Favorite Quotes from THE OFFICE (multiple submissions permitted)

Queer! Queeeeer Eye for the Straight Guy. Good show. Important show. (Michael)

From Brooklyn to Manhattan and an eternity inbetween.

Well, with four people in our car, we loaded up today as if on a journey and road trip. I brought my lap top to work on a final paper, Juliet had her make up, Laurie brought muffins and Thadd bringing himself was enough to make us be able to pass the police check point. In total my commute was a little under 2 hours. Not bad considering this morning the estimated total time from the East side over the bridges was 5-6 hours. Gotta love the West side highway. Holllaaaaa. While karma was on our side this morning, we're very concerned that it may not be this afternoon. We planning to head back out in about an hour for the trek home. I love NYC. The excitement is never ending.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

3 days and counting

Well Billy and I went to the Union Baptist christmas cin-ta-ta on Sunday. As we we're walking out, there in the back aisle of the church was Jamie laying on the floor embracing a boy in what I can only assume was a full nelson, (or some other grappling move), I think this sight was best summed up by Billy's words "There's Jamie, changing the world for christ one wrestling move at a time." On another note if anyone caught The Office's christmas episode (I know you did, Call it Courage)...My office's chistmas exchange in cleveland was much the same...The first gift opened was a box of frames which we're left over from a student event at the school (on the glass was etched The Cleveland Institute of Art student celebration, also they we're black with glow in the dark stars on them) This is supposed to be a real gift exchange-5 to 10$ limit. The second gift opened was a 25$ B.P. gas card. There we're many bitter comments made about the frames throughout the exchange...and folks this was done yankee swap style! All and all the mulungeons came out on top, and this sanfran got the 25$ giftcard! All in day's work my friend, all in a day's work.

Maybe bad taste in music should be banned??

So have you heard this news that the President of Iran banned all Western music, including...ahem.."Careless Whispers" by George Michael and "Hotel California"?

However, according to CNN, "Hotel California" could still be heard drifting out of cars in Iran this afternoon...

I also heard that terrorists in Aghanistan are being tortured by being forced to listen to M & M rap over and over.

Transit Strike is ON!

What What? Transit Strike NYC 2005 is on! So basically what this means is that every bus and subway has been shut down. I'm sure you'll see it on the news, but it's pretty unbelievable and unbelievably cold for those walking to work. For me to get to work I would have to walk about 40 minutes, wait in line for the Long Island Rail Road (approx. 1-2 hours), ride into Queens and wait for a another LIRR train back into Manhattan to Grand Central and then walk to 57th from Grand Central. I think that by the time I got to work, it would be time to go home. Or to take a car into Manhattan that would require four people to enter the city and would be hella expensive.
Adult snow day anyone? Working from home is the best invention ever.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Overheard in New York 12/19

F Train - 9:15am

Woman: "What time is Judy leaving on Friday?"
Man: "She flies out at 5:30 in the morning."
Woman: "Now that's a good use of her insomnia."

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Mulungeon Pride Y'all

I just had a great Idea for Epic take note if you work there, or know someone that does. I think possibly that there could be a whole new market for mulungeon music. I kinda get the feeling that the mulungeon roots are a bit gansta/bluegrass. And since we are all of Mulungeon heritage It might be a good idea to discuss doing a collaboration of songs over christmas. I think we should start with doing a rendition of the old Danae/Rachel Shaffron classic "You have to pray just to eat today"-it's a lil bit gansta and a lil bit twang. I know one backroads man that would be all about it. 6 days and counting.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Coming to a couch near you

Well, friends, I have been free of school responsibilities for almost a week now and it involves much less Y&R than one might think. I am confined to the graces of anyone offering a free meal and a bed or bed-alternative. Mostly this means Jesse and Rachel's, where I have established my Liz-cave in their basement, complete with the first big girl bed I ever slept in some 20 years ago. So I can't complain about the free accomodations, but I do miss my big comfy bed and my wifi. Using J & R's dial-up makes my butt twitch. So apologies if I can't keep up on the blog as often as I'd like. Speaking of things I should do more often, anyone good at planning weddings?

Also, j$, r-van, and I were brainstorming over a bottle of wine this evening and decided that maybe we need to find a way to integrate our regular regalia with a new holiday: melungeon heritage day. Comments and ideas are appreciated.

Stupid Transit Workers

No strike today friends which means I'm at good old Epic Records. However, I was greeted this morning by thousands of people, cops, cops on horses and the like all for Howard Stern. Howard, as we know is switching over to Sirius radio who's office happens to be on the same block as mine. They shut the street down and it was complete New York City mayhem. Yesterday was a group of rioting Mexicans (no offense, but really there was a massive crowd of Mexican men protesting--one had actually scaled the wall of the building)...what's next? Bring in the freaking circus clowns.

brought a smile

Happy tippy tappy toes

Thursday, December 15, 2005

NYC Transit Strike

We are currently only 2.5 hours away from the NYC Transit strike. If an agreement is not made between MTA and the Union by 11:59pm, all the subways and buses will be shut down. It has been 25 years since the last transit strike. If the strike actually happens then to drive in the city you have to have 4 people in your car. I had to have all of my office lines transferred to my cell phone in case everything shuts down because I won't be able to get into work.....and I'm basically hoping that there is a strike, so that I can just relax for a day at home!!! I'll keep everyone updated.

Goodbye fat pig, dear friend

Well, as some of you know we had a very large...extremely fat goldfish. And after 2 years he has finally given up on his life! He was a good friend loved by all. I will miss tapping on the glass and watching you beg for food...I will miss guests observing how fat you are. Goodbye Crazy Bone.
On another note, Billy and I are very excited about our C.C. exchange gift. We think you all will be very pleased...It is definatley the gift that just keeps on giving.

a "blog cheer"

I'm done with finals! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks!

just kidding, Queen Sarapatra receives only respectful looks from her teachers.

Simon says Santa--try this!

He'll do anything except tie his own shoe. Sooo funny

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Those crazy Egyptians and the myths of dental hygiene

First things first. Why were not all members of the Cousin Council informed of this website??? I am deeply disappointed with the disorganization and complete lack of respect for all members of this sacred council. I move to dismiss our current secretary and elect a new one. All in favor?
by the way, who is our secretary?

I debated the nickname, but was worried that "Big Brother" might be spying on me if I went with Yasser Sarafat...I decided royalty would give me some power in this council, so I present myself to you as "Queen Sarapatra" I guess it is good that Jesse is not going by Caesar. That would be a little awkward, if you know what I mean...

So, Hamdy and I randomly chose a new dentist from our insurance company and when we went last week, he happened to be Egyptian! I can't say that I was crazy about having an Egyptian dentist (dentists are pretty scary in Egypt!) but he graduated from U of Mich and was great! However, I almost burst out laughing when I asked him if he did teeth whitening. (Danara may be the only one that can appreciate the humor of this...)

Me: "Do you sell teeth whitening treatments?"

Dr. : "yas, I have speecial kaynd. Make teeth veery white!

Me: how much is it?

Dr. I geeve you speecial price! Only $40.00

Me. hmmm....

Dr. Okaay, okaay, $30.00!

Even Egyptian dentists in America try to barter with you...good grief!!

The incredible part of the dentist story is that this was the first time Hamdy had been to a dentist in 25 years and he only had one small cavity! Not to mention that he used to be a smoker and still drinks a lot of sugary tea and coffee! I couldn't believe it! So much for dental hygiene education..its all in the genes!

Tan't tait to tee tou tall tat thristmas!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

It might have come to this

Okay, I know this is extreme but.

Ti think that tit tis tow to the toint twhere te teed to tonly talk tin t talk. This tay the tpy tannot tnow that te tare taying. Talso, tI think that ta tonference tall tay te teeded this teek.

TI tall ta tonference tall into totion. To TI tave ta tecond to that totion?


Please read the comment under Wannabee scandel post, I am a tried and true member and am offended that one might think I would turn on the "family"! Anywho, on a side note Clementines are the most amazing fruit and I am glad it is clementine season again!

The root of the problem

What!!?!???!??This is mean anyone on the internet can read about the cousin council......What have we done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The secret is out! We must all now delete our s.s. card #'s, and credit information from our post's! -(off to hide all very important,very private,very very non-public cousin council documents....I hope the ground is not frozen! I suggest you all do the same!)................(where is that reeses tin)


Well Well Well...looks like we have some sneaky snakes and maybe among us! Is it Danae or is it JAMIE or is it DANIELLE??????? All these stories don't seem to align and I just want to make clear that treason to the cousin council is punishable by BANISHMENT FOR LIFE.



Monday, December 12, 2005

They can't hide...but they think they can.

Just found (actually San Fran found first) the rogue's blog. They want to be a part of this so bad that they set up their own competing blog:

I have a few guesses. Apparently, they have an interest in soft rock. hey, who doesn't though?

Block Head?

In regards to the pre-marriage instatement of a cousin council member, I do believe that an amendment to the Cousin Council Constitution would need to be made. In the past, a new member was only instated after the marriage vows were taken. However, given that he will actually be there, the Cousin Council will accept a proposal to the amended constitution. Do remember that an amendment requires a majority vote which may or may not be possible at our annual December 24th caucus, depending on the presence of Cousin Council members--and since Sara is no longer on probation, her vote now recounts in the total, as well as Hamdy. Also, as you know there is much red tape when proposing a constituional amendment to the Council, it might be worth it to hold off when merely a majority vote is required after the wedding ceremony has taken place.

Agenda Item

Sanfranfresca's reminder on the cousin council constitution is, I think, aptly timed. You must all know that I hope to bring to the floor a motion to accept candidate blocksma as a full member. I am a bit unclear, however, as to whether the candidate needs to be present at the meeting for consideration. As is, he will be in Ohio briefly on the morning of the 24th and again on the evening of the 27th. However, he will miss our standard meeting times. Also, I am unclear as to the rules of pre-marriage membership. I would like to submit this proposal as soon as possible; however, I can understand if the item needs to be docked until December of 2006. Can someone advise me on appropriate protocol in this instance? I feel candidate blocksma has much to contribute to the council and to our e-minutes. Despite his unusual last name and non-melungeon heritage, he is an experienced blogger and can serve as our rocky mountain region representative, thus furthering our influence westward.

A motion has been called

Hey can everyone please go to the comments under the post CCM christmas exchange. A motion has been called

My secret blog

My sister is the only one that knew. It feels like a release of guilt, now you all know.

Always a wannabe..NEVER a cousin council member

Well, I somehow just jacked up my most recent post and accidentally deleted it or I will attempt to recreate it. First off we all are aware of the many sidlers through out the history of the cousin council that have wanted to be a part....and of course it is only natural that with a public forum such as this that the number of those sidlers would grow. What one must understand(this is for the sidlers now) is that to be a part of the elite, the process is by far one of the most difficult to overcome...I will now sight some of the Cousin council Constitution concerning this matter.
1. To be a true sworn in member of the cousin council one must be a blood born son or daughter of the Squire's offspring or be married to one of the stated above members.
2. For all new membership including blood-born relatives and their mates, one must undergo a series of testing and psychological probing and then must have a 100% approval rating by all founding members of the council that are within good-standing at the time of the voting.
I could go on but I thought I would just get a few of our credentials out there for all who read! Anywho I would like to thank rachel van for bringing up our next meeting and for her and j$dollar$blogger who always do a wonderful job organzing the C.C. exchange! I to am much looking forward to it, and was wandering when the Michigan clan will be making their way to ohio for christmas? Yesterday I heard the best christmas sermon title I've heard in a long time "How'd those Iranians get in my manger scene?"

CCM Christmas Agenda

For our Cousin Council Meeting (CCM) planned for December 24, we will be doing the white elephant again. Although, we are now going to have everyone bring a gift rather than J$ and RachelVan bringing all of them. The rules for the gift are as follows:
1. It can't cost more than $2. If it does, it might end up being something worth buying and we can't have that. (tip on places to look: the dollar store (look in the dusty bins), walmart clearance (just imagine what could be there if it hasn't already sold at walmart's slave prices).
2. No regifts allowed. That means no toilet bowl lip gloss or Don Osmondo videos.
3. Nothing edible. That's just gross. Although it can LOOK like an edible (e.g. black olives last year. I'm sure you'll all remember the relish tray incident--good one.)
Please come to the meeting prepared with your gift wrapped. You all know the sign; when you see it, meet in the usual spot. Looking forward to it.


Anyone notice a little spy that has cracked into our website? Look at the comment for the first posting and also for the 'doll picture.' Who do you think it is?? My guess, cap'n--he'd be the one to find us.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

a holiday haiku

thick rotten eggnog
rachel’s stank feet by the tree
cut my nose off, please

The Cousin Council sans Danara

Friday, December 09, 2005

Missing cousin?

Can anyone please explain why Rachel's post titled "Missing Cousin" is showing up as a draft?

Thursday, December 08, 2005

B&N madness

(Bear with me, I just got off another great shift at B&N dealing with morons in Grand Rapids)
Do you know how many customers come up to the info desk at work and say "I'm wondering if you have a book..." and wait for me to respond. I just want to scream "Yes, you flipping idiot--you walked into a bookstore, where we sell...yes, you got it...BOOKS! Now, what may I do for you?" Oh yeah, they're real bright in Grand Rapids. Get about 15 of those a day. Okay, another sample. Tonight a customer calls and tells me he wants to know if we have a book in stock that he saw when he was in our store.
Here's how it goes:

guy: I was in your store and saw a blue book up front, you know, like by the entrance to the mall. Like, if you were coming in from the mall, it would've been up there. Like, I was in the mall and then I walked in and it was right there...(long pause)

me: Okay, well, what was the title of the book?

guy: Well, it was blue with gold trim. Kind of like a hard cover, but almost like it was made of leather. It felt real hard when you pushed on it. (another long pause, as if he's waiting for me to respond "Oh, THAT book, yes I have it right here.")

me: Okay, well what was the book about? Do you know the title or author?

guy: It was a big blue one. Kind of like leather but real hard when you touched it. Law Enforcement. It was just called Law Enforcement. It was about Law Enforcement and it was big and blue.

After this point in the conversation I realized that this guy was really wasting my time and that if he was here in the store, he would wreak of whiskey. I recommended that he do some searching on the internet and find some more information on the book.

Okay, thanks. Sorry you had to witness that and sorry for the f word, I felt I couldn't explain the madness at B&N without it.

Danara's "Overheard in NYC"

For good entertainment when bored please visit

Today I will submit my very own Danara's Overheard in New York.

On the F train 6:30pm

Discussing what drinks will be served at an upcoming Christmas party:

Girl: "So I'm gonna doing this punch thing"
Guy: "Ohhh..yeah I heard about that. Yeah, like, that punch was making a come back."
Girl: "Oh yeah, like, punch is really trendy.

Grandma Hillmanism of the Day...

While we're on the subject of funny quotes, I got a letter from Grandma Hillman today. It opens:

"Sorry, you didn't make it back over here [at Thanksgiving]. And also that you didn't get sick."

I think she meant she's glad I didn't get sick, but who knows? That Fern is a shifty one. Maybe she has it in for me. I did notice she didn't set the green stuff out at Thanksgiving until after I had already got my food...

I must say, though, there are many things I definitely WON'T miss about being a young single grad student once I get outta here, but I will miss those monthly letters from grandma with the news from Richwood and a ten dollar bill. Quite possibly one of the brightest points of the month.

Ambrose Quote of the Week

Actually, this is his quote of the week from last week. So, he got himself in trouble and was sent to stand in the corner. He refused to go and had to be personally escorted by mom to the corner. On the way, I hear him mutter, "This is so embarrassing. I can't be doing this anymore."I almost died from holding my breath so I wouldn't laugh; I ran to the living room and buried my face in a pillow so I could laugh out loud. That kid, he's something.

Are you kidding me with the Pork Rhines?

SO I get on the train, put in my headphones, take my seat and am on my way. A few stops pass and in walks, what I will now refer to as PRL (Pork Rhine Lady). Pork Rhine Lady was probably in her mid 40's, slightly overweight, long off colored dyed red hair, a very large slightly ghetto puffy coat, tight rolled and stone washed jeans, and black boots. All that I just listed is COMPLETELY acceptable for this dear woman. HOWEVER, what induced near vomitting for me was the fact that she was eating a bag of pork rhines at...8:30 in the morning! And I could even handle the pork rhines, except for the fact that she was eating them very loudly and crumpling the bag and shaking it around to insure that no crumb was missed. Annoying, yes. But again, I could handle that and even found it entertaining. But to top it off, the PRL then proceeded to continually dust off her fingers right over the shoes of myself and the girl beside me. PRL was flaking her pork rhine crumbs all over us! Disgusting. Eventually PRL exited the train, and only as if a track runner handing over the baton, in steps GGJG (Gross Glass Jar Girl). I won't go in to much detail, but let me just say that in GGJG's coat pocket was an open glass canning jar encrusted and filled with God knows what.....and she sat down right next to me, her gross glass jar sitting oh so casually by my left hand.

Why couldn't 57th Street come any sooner?

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Shake it don't break it honey

Well tonight our small group went christmas caroling at a nursing home/rehabilitation center. The highlight of the night was in the alzheimer unit. There was this little african american lady probably about 90 all wrapped up in a blanket whom we asked if we could sing to. She said "sure If ya'll can shake that thing...come on shake it!" So we sang her a few carols then another guy rolled over in his wheelchair and the lady yelled out if you run over my toes I'm gonna kick your ass! We didn't really know what to say at this we handed her a christmas card and said merry christmas! Her response...."Shake it don't break it baby!" Now there's a lady who's keepin it real.

Liz is never just Liz

Well, let me suggest a few.....Let's see.....How about Dauncey, Dauncey or Kaleidascope or how about Lucky Joker (as in Lucky Joker Poker) , Aunt Jenny, From this donut, Nate Filinger, Call it courage, The princess bride
Out of those my favorites for you are either Aunt Jenny or Call it Courage(given you are one of his favorites) , or even The princess bride

Liz? Just Liz?

On the note of screen names: I must confess, my cousins, I'm a little concerned that I don't have a catchy screen name. I've been sorting through nicknames of the past 23 years of my life and, after tossing out all the derisive ones that Jesse and Andrew have called me over the years, I've got nothing. Any suggestions?

The Greek Lass has 3 choices

Dear Cousin Council,

It is so good to finally have an official medium for which to communicate on a regular basis. I do not have anything funny to say except that I found Sara's email address...which is pretty funny.

Someone has to tell her that she may pick from 3 user names for herself.
Yasser Sarafat

Andrew anyone?


Kudos to Liz! You have earned an extra cuzin' cowcil gift. FYI: "cuzin' cowcil" is the historic Hillman spelling of our group. It goes back to K-Y-ucky.

Yes, The Office is the finest show on the tube. Have you seen the UK version? One of my favorite quotes: “He’s thrown a kettle over a pub. What have you done?”

By the way, you should all listen to Steven Colbert's interview on NPR:


Tuesday, December 06, 2005

You don't know what this has done to me

I forgot to give a shout out to cousin council Liz for the creation of what I think is possibly one of the best collaboration of genius minds from Thanksgiving 05! Read your comments...and where the hey-ya is J-dollar? Watch out cousins you have unleashed my inner blogger.

"Happy Birthday, Jesus. Sorry your party was so lame."

So I am not much of a prime time tv watcher. In fact, I've been pretty absent from the tv watching world, mostly due to lack of cable, mass amounts of homework, and pent up shame at having actually watched the first few seasons of The Bachelor and other bad reality tv shows way back when. BUT, hear me when I say that The Office is a fantastic tv show and you should all be watching it.

So the moral of the story is that what with finals week upon me, I seem to be taking up all kinds of hobbies (e.g. tv watching and blogging) to keep myself from just finishing this silly paper that haunts me day and night. But the good news is that once this is finished, I can stop being smart for 4 weeks. I'm glad this thing is up and running. I look forward to seeing pictures and reading stories of our exploits across the country. Anyone have Andrew's, Sarita's, or Billy's (SanFran, I'm pointing to you) email addresses so I am add them to the group? Also, what is the policy on fiance bloggers? Hypothetically speaking, of course...

Very exciting stuff

Well as some of you know I am sort of a closet blog reader....and now I make my very first blog post! I have some very interesting photos I am going to try to post soon, let's just say "is it a drag queen, or is it aunt Diana?" Anywho, Just talked to D-nara on the phone but she wasn't paying attention because her "stories" we're on. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at Christmas! Now I go to see if I can get those picts posted.

First One

I just wanted to get the first posting. Well, since I am the cousin with the most amount of free time on my hands, I'm sure you're not at all surprised. I mean, it's a good thing we started this blog because I just find myself standing around my house in complete silence with nothing to do during the day. No, but really cousins, I am looking forward to posting on here (hopefully I can get a digital camera to keep you posted on the growing boys, I mean Jesse changes so much) and hearing what you all are doing. Anyway, I'm spent. I need a cold beer, then I'm off to bed. Night.